Phone Numbers

Directeur de l'état civil

  • Montreal region 514-864-3900
  • Outside Montreal 800-567-3900

Collection of support payments - Quebec Minister of Revenue

  • Quebec region: 418-652-4413
  • Elsewhere in Canada: 800-488-2323

if the results are unsatisfactory:

Directrice principale de la Perception des pensions alimentaires

  • Quebec region 418-652-6704
  • Elsewhere in Canada 888-400-6528 extension 6704

La prestation fiscale canadienne pour enfants (PFCE) and Quebec Family Allowance

In the case of separation or divorce the beneficiary of the PFCE must advise Revenue Canada of his or her change in civil status. This is necessary because the separation gives rise to a change in civil status after 90 days and to a new calculation of the PFCE.

You must use a form entitled RC-65 Prestation fiscale pour enfants, choix de changement d'état civil which can be obtained from Revenue Canada.

To contact Revenue Canada:

  • Montreal region 514-283-8577
  • Elsewhere in Quebec 800-387-1194

Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec - Carte d'assurance maladie (RAMQ)

When there has been a change in your civil status as a result of separation or divorce you must advise the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec.

To contact RAMQ:

  • Montreal region 514-864-3411
  • Elsewhere in Quebec 800-561-9749

Regie des rentes du Quebec

When involved in divorce proceedings it may be necessary to obtain an estimate of your pension entitlement before and after partition in order to help decide whether to agree to renounce to the partition of each other's gains registered with Regie des rentes.

You must provide the Court file number and use a form entitled Simulation des effets du partage.

To reach the Direction des régimes de retraite:  

  • Montreal region 514-643-5185
  • Elsewhere in Quebec 800-463-5185

Commision administrative des régimes de retraite et d'assurances (CARRA)

This is the body which administers the pension funds of 500,000 employees in the public and parapublic sectors (e.g. teachers, nurses, civil servants etc.)

To reach the Service à la clientele:  

  • Quebec region 418-643-4881
  • elsewhere in Quebec 800-463-5533

Name Changes

Directeur de l'état civil, Service du changement du nom.

To reach the Directeur de l'état civil:  

  • Quebec region 418-643-2545
  • Montreal region 514-864-3900
  • Elsewhere in Quebec 800-567-3900

Helpful organizations after separation or divorce:

A network of 90 women's centres in all regions of the province.

Offers assistance to fathers to help facilitate relations with their children after separation.

  • Montreal region 514-527-3166

  • outside Montreal 877-414-3770

Assistance and advice for victims of conjugal violence

  • Montreal region: 514-873-9010

  • outside Montreal 800-363-9010

  • Montreal region 514-738-1223

  • outside Montreal 800-561-1223

  • Montreal region 514-866-6769

  • outside Montreal 800-667-7559

Association G.R.A.N.D.

  • Montreal region 514-846-0574